Why life is simple

2007.11.25 for a designer point of view

Anyone who's seeking simplicity wants to get an easy life avoiding complications, saving time from the things that we must do, to have more time for the things that we want to do. Seeking such easiness makes life happier. To deal with complex solutions it often means to deal with stress and worries that we don't want.

On this website I want to talk about how much clever ideas change and shape our world in a simpler and more comfortable way to live in it. Through design, communication, originality, psychology and (above all) our experience to how we interact with the surroundings. We'll understand together how this happens and why.

Life is simple for everyone that knows where to look for simplicity and know how to use it. Let's find out on this website where to look to simplify our lives.

A picture of an Iphone

Practical example in a consumer environment

To find an easier life people often look in to the technological solutions, especially the ones just out in the market. Often these solutions are expensive for their exclusiveness (for example an Iphone costs £269 with 18 month agreement with O2 at the minimum price available of £35 [2007-11-25]). If such price is necessary to be charged to have less trouble with technology, plus more fun and ease of use, people are willing to pay for it.

And they are right in their choice.

How much are we waiting for a pocketable computer that it works as phone, as agenda, as photo camera, as video player, as music player, as big storage hard drives and with internet on it? Probably too much.

A picture of an Iphone A picture of a man designing on an huge dashboard hundreds of ideas

I would also buy it so I wouldn't worry anymore to find all the devices before leaving my home (mobile, mp3 player, memory stick and photo camera), especially when I am late for work. What stops me from buy this amazing piece of technology is a simple question: is this tool really going to make my life easier? I don't think that it does.
Wouldn't it be better to buy a comfortable bag to carry all my tools? Or even better to live without all the devices, wouldn't that be easier?

Seeking technological solutions is not the right choice to make our lives simpler. It is often the opposite. We never learn all the functionality that we are paying for. We need to buy additional new gadgets to go with that piece of technology to make our life even more easier. If it breaks, we need a high specialist to solve our problems. The cost of repairing sometimes exceeds the value of the product to be fixed.
Is it this a comfortable solution to our problems?

Alternatives for an easier life are only clever ideas applied wisely to our needs. These ideas make our lives better, not technology.