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Europarl TV, Internet broadband television for the European Parliament Connexion.co.uk, Techonolgy solutions Life is simple, My old website built in between 2007 & 2008
Met Office, Official weather report for England Living Coast, Acquatic zoo Software design, Developed for Viadynamics.com
Logo, For a meeting group that I organised in Barcelona Be Hostels, Redesign of Booking system for a Hostel group in Barcelona Digital Bridge, Special TV Digital Decoder
Quetzal.ru, Personal Business Profile Warwickshire, County council
Do not use IE - Discover the web with browsers that make your surfing experience a new adventure. Try better, try something good. Better computer security and speed response are the right choices in selecting a better tool to navigate your web. My choice in browsers is a simple one, web standard. I love browsers that love a better web. Do you?