The inspiration process

20 July 2008

I always think that travelling with the eyes of a kid is the best way to discover what inspire people around the world.

Inspiration boardFor any creative person there is always a fear, when you get to the point to find inspiration for your next piece of work and you feel that your creativity is totally dried up. Staring at the blank white page it's like death upon us.
It happens to everyone when we start to grow accustomed to things that we do or see in everyday life. We start simply to unnoticed them, losing sense of the new and interest too. Therefore when we seek for something different to experience it, we search for something never done before or something that we like with a nice twist of "experiments".

Everyone of us has several tricks to stimulate the imagination, we can keep fresh in designs and creative ideas because we know that it's better shut down our computers and just walk away to give some rest to our minds. In those moments I play the part of being a little kid, looking at everything like if everything it was new. I look at the pattern of the tiles, the style of houses and skyscrapers, the decoration of the cars, the cover of books and music albums, the look of the shoes of the people, the advertise on the buses and billboards, the type used to name shops, the packaging used in the supermarket, anything that in any shape and style that carry a bit of design.

Tools that a creative designer should always take with him are a sketchbook, a compact camera and an audio recorder. You shouldn't wait for the moment when you need the inspiration to go and do your walk out from your office, you should have already have accumulated a good quantitative of info to play with in everyday life. Moleskine notesSo all that you need to do it's just open these inspirations that you have stored, and search it for the creative enlightenment.

For a web designer it's even easier to keep such inspirational archive. You can create a zipped file of downloaded resources uploaded on a private ftp, you can have a list of links to web tools on delicious and you can have a big amount of screenshots of cool web pages uploaded on Picasa or Flickr; all those stuff need to be accessible online, so when you will need them you will not need to carry with you on a disc or hard drive, but you can access it and use it from anywhere.

The process of "remoting" information and application in the next years it will be really relevant, in the future, graphic softwares such as adobe photoshop they will be able to run on the web. It's a good idea to get used and organise yourself to this kind of creative process so you will be able to work really from everywhere in the world and get inspired from everywhere. All that you will need it will be a connection to internet and some web account.

A last, but not least things to do, and this is valid for any job and even more for web designers, it's to keep reading blog once at week that talk about the matters that you are interested in. It's best to use some kind of blog aggregator on the web to save you time to look at the hundreds of blog that you wish to follow.

To keep a fresh mind, keep it informed regularly.

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