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10 July 2008

Alessio Carone is an italian web designer skilled in front-end web design (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Photoshop, Flash and Actionscript). He worked in Italy and in England, now is looking for a position in Spain to keep building his international career and to learn new languages.

He is an expert in understanding the importance of web standards (W3C recommendations) and search engine optimisation (SEO). Fully competent to design the right perceived affordance of graphic communication applied to the web interaction applying the rules of usability and accessibility to improve the experience of the user.

Extremely passionate in web communication, he tries to improve the quality of the project to increase the success and satisfaction of the client through an experimented process of brainstorming and survey face to face with the client.

He developed his skills by himself, finding it easier to study directly from books and internet resources of the best in the IT world.

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