We all should be E-Bussinesmen Designers

03 February 2009

I just spent my last 5 months in Barcelona working as web consultant/designer for a business in the Tourism, this experience opened my eyes about new business opportunities in the Web Design.

There are a lot of business that rely on the web to power up their selling possibilities, but at the same time those business don't know how to put in practice their ideas or using well know web communication strategies to achieve incredible results. It is incredible that at the same time there are a lot of professionals (like me) that are looking for bright companies to give us opportunities to develop solutions for them.

A man going out from a screen of a computer is looking in a binocular We (employers and employees) are looking in the wrong place, and I feel that there is a need of a website, a newspaper or a magazine to give the right amount of space to meet those people, just even for discuss freely about making business on the web.

I am quite disappointed to don't find out in Spain interesting source of info about creativity/design/web communication relate to job hunting in my expertise. I always find to be a big waste of time looking for job in generic job hunting website like Monster, Jobinfo or Loquo. Writing your already prepared CV inside long form to just apply a job, be stuck with job agency that are in between you and the company looking for your profile and requests about jobs without a clear definition of the salary or the type of contract offered.

It feels like that I should work to build a website about "finding work in the creative field"!

I think that web designer shouldn't search any more for jobs related to just web design, but to look for companies interested in enter in the web. The future is the web and how your company will communicate to their audience to promote their products or service in interesting ways.

A great example is the last advertise on the web about T-mobile. It mix the social meetings born on internet like the Flash Mobs and the Viral marketing of youtube (all the people that were that day during the performance recording and showing on internet what they saw). It just shows how much is easy to create an incredible, unusual and powerful tool of communication with the right ideas.

I think that businessman should start to ask me what I can do it for them. Because there is always a way to project their business on the web targeting people already interested in their products.

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